Paying It Forward

At Njoga Coffee we always wanted to find ways to give back, for we could not be here without someone lifting us up. We have found a way!!!

In Addition to teaming up with local (US) schools and organizations that would like to use our generous fund raising program, we have committed to supporting “now that you know”, a San Diego California based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that educates disadvantaged African girls in the very place our coffee grows.

In developed countries, it’s "natural" for all children to get a formal education, girls or boys, but in Africa, there is still a serious gap in boy and girls education for struggling families when they have to choose amongst their offspring,  which of their child goes to school. Needless to mention, you know who gets priority and its not the Girls

We all know that when you educate a man, a family gets educated, but if you educate a girl, a village gets an education. For us this opportunity to help educate girls from where we come and grow our great coffee is an avenue we could not let pass. Its been proven through studies by the UN that "Educating girls yields a higher rate of return than any other investment available in the developing world."

Meanwhile, we are also teaming up with another Organization named “The Harrambee Foundation” whose goals are very much like “Now that you know”. They are struggling to run an Orphanage, and we have committed ourselves to “team with them and do whatever we can” to raise funds for the organization.

Please feel free to reach out and ask how you can help these worthy Causes.

Edward Karîithi