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Food Service Industry

Njoga Coffee is known for its original flavors and distinctive freshness. Discerning restaurant and coffee entrepreneurs can rest assured that our laborious attention to detail from farm to cup translates into the same freshness and superior quality in every cup you pour. 

We seek partnerships with high-quality operators who are committed to long-term success. Therefore, all of our food service partners receive best-in-class barista training, as well as ongoing support from a team of dedicated, certified professionals with lifelong careers in the coffee industry. Our year-round training programs will drive the excellence and growth of your business, and make us a trusted partner for your operations for now and years to come.

Fresh in Your Store

Coffee connoisseurs will tell you that freshness is the key to a quality cup of coffee. Coffee should be consumed as quickly as possible after roasting– especially once the original packaging seal has been broken. 

Our approach to retail partnership takes this philosophy of freshness into account. 

We encourage our partners to buy only what they will use in the next one to two weeks. After all, sitting on shelves is coffee's worst nightmare. To spare your coffee that nightmare, we offer frequent, small, local deliveries—guaranteeing that Njoga is always the freshest coffee on your shelf. 


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