What is the Impact of Your Morning Cup of Coffee?

Njoga Coffee Supports Girls’ Education in Kenya

There is no shortage of need in Kenya where Njoga Coffee comes from. Njoga coffee itself is a result of trying to fulfill a need. A need to find a direct-to-consumer market for our small-scale coffee farming community in a world where access to coffee consumers is dominated by successful large enterprises. To their credit, these businesses try their best to operate ethically while protecting their shareholders’ investments.

The specialty coffee community is very conscious of the needs of the people who grow coffee around the world.  At Njoga, we understand this need because this is where we are from and this is where we grow our coffee. Therefore, it would be unconscionable to not address some problems in the very places that lifted us up to deliver our coffee to the world.

Through our San Diego-based organization, “now that you know,” a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that educates disadvantaged African girls in and around the Mt. Kenya Region, we have been able to assist girls in getting their high school education.

In developed countries, it’s "natural" for all children to get a formal education, girls or boys, but in Africa, there is still a serious gap between boys’ and girls’ education, especially when struggling families have to choose amongst their offspring which of their children will go to school. Needless to mention, you know who gets priority and it’s not the girls.

It does not take much to educate a child.  A simple thing such as access to sanitary napkins can mean the education of a young lady through high school or lack thereof when her parents cannot afford these items or do not care to provide them.

We give money directly to schools and we are able to have a direct impact outside of administration fees and other activities that eat into charity funds. We know the kids and the teachers and at times also the parents of these kids.

We all know that when you educate a man, a family gets educated, but if you educate a girl, a village gets an education. For us, this opportunity to help educate girls from where we come and grow our great coffee is an avenue we could not let pass. It’s been proven through studies by the UN that "educating girls yields a higher rate of return than any other investment available in the developing world.”

At Njoga Coffee, we are very proud to serve coffee that has an impact with every cup.


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