The New Njoga Coffee

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of our greatly improved webstore at

This new website design has been developed to create a user-friendly interface that is more streamlined and visually appealing. We’ve also added new and improved functionality to enhance your shopping experience.  

Beyond that, the most exciting news is that we’ve taken Njoga Coffee to the next level.

We believe coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not just as a jumpstart in the morning but as a stimulus to your senses. Whether you’re buying beans for your business or for your personal use, with Njoga you will experience some of the world’s most flavorful coffees.

Our beans have been responsibly sourced from the world’s great coffee regions. Kenyan mountain grown coffee is easily the best bean in the world, fetching up to three times more than the next best specialty priced coffees. The challenge becomes translating that quality into the finest cup. We have the expertise to do just that.

Njoga is more than an importer of quality coffee. Through our sister company, Global Coffee Trading, we now have our very own Q graders and a liquorer in Kenya. Our team includes experts in the areas of farming, importing and trading, and Small Batch Roasting experts who understand how to release the inherent flavors of our beans. Also, with our staff of SCAA-certified roasters and experienced baristas we can provide top-notch service and education that will help to grow your team’s expertise.

We love coffee as much as you do. You’re going to love Njoga Coffee.

You can buy our freshly-roasted coffee online or come to our headquarters to enjoy a perfectly-brewed cup of the finest Kenyan coffee. You can also learn more about our new Loring roaster.

We look forward to seeing you.

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